Pro Muscle Calm – 180 veggie caps


Pro Muscle Calm (PCM) contains a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, cofactors, and nutrients that work synergistically to help address muscle tension and muscle spasms. This effective formulation includes:

  • Key minerals that support the musculoskeletal system – magnesium & calcium
  • Medicinal herbs known for their benefits for the musculoskeletal system as well as for their calming effects – Valerian root, Wild Yam root, Wood Betony, Passion Flower, Skullcap, Cramp Bark and Hops.

Pro Muscle Calm relieves muscle tension and muscle spasms. Muscle spasm is often painful and inconvenient, and it can impede the healing process. LMC is thus an
important adjunct in case management and the support of musculoskeletal trauma. PMC contains valerian, passiflora, cramp bark, and Mexican yam – time-tested, traditional
relaxants and tranquilizers. PMC also contains magnesium and calcium, which can beneficial in relieving hypertonic muscles and cramping. LMC is a mild herbal relaxant with cumulative effects; that is, the product is designed to be used frequently over several days during an episode of spasm.

Several studies have indicated that calcium and magnesium can help relieve muscle cramping and spasm. In the case of calcium this is often
achieved without any demonstrable nutritional deficit. For example, calcium supplementation relives leg cramps in pregnant women even
when serum calcium is normal.
Magnesium deficiency, common in men, leads to muscle cramping, nervous hyper-excitability, agitation, irritability, restlessness, anxiety and
anxious depression – all of which yield promptly to magnesium therapy. The magnesium content of PMC helps to allay these symptoms and
restore neuromuscular poise. PMC contains the aspartic acid salts of calcium and magnesium. Aspartic
acid acts as a carrier molecule, which allows better utilization of the
mineral ions at the cellular level.
The herbal constituents of PMC, such as valerian, passiflora, skullcap, wild yam root, wood betony, cramp bark, and hops, have many desirable
neuromuscular actions: antispasmodic and calmative, and useful in restlessness, excitability, agitation, spasmodic movement and insomnia.
Probably the most intensively-studied botanic sedative; its efficacy has been shown repeatedly in both pre-clinical and clinical trials. Valerian is a
source of several families of compounds (valepotriates and valerianic acids) with demonstrable CNS depressant and muscle-relaxant activity.
The incidence of side effects with valerian is less than that with diazepam (Valium™). “hangover”: confusion, drowsiness or a “drugged” feeling the
following morning.
A traditional nervine and tonic, used as a mild sedative and tranquilizer. Hops act as a smooth muscle relaxant with has antimicrobial properties.
The action of hops appears to be due to real sedation (i.e. a central action) as well as muscle relaxation.
Acts as a tranquilizer in combination with other ingredients. It behaves as a sedative and for the treatment of neuralgia and anxiety for its action as a
calmative and sedative.
Provides an antispasmodic effect and has been used for rheumaticconditions and cramps.
Used for complaints of dysmenorrhea and is believed to have a spasmolytic effect.
A traditional remedy for nervousness, agitation and insomnia. It has sedative, hypotensive and analgesic properties, and does not produce
any sedative.


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