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My Journey to Somewhere over “The Invisible Rainbow”


My thanks to my mentor retired Harvard physicist Ronald Powell, Ph.D who has introduced me to the perils of electromagneticfields(EMF). As part o fmy education, he provided me with this wonderful volume and a discovery of how to measure EMF,using a gaussmeter. The beautiful was designed by Ann Lowe. Arthur Firstenberg wrote this book in 2017,and it was published by AGBPress Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sucre,Bolivia.
I have a penchant for combining thoughts and expressions; hence,the title of these essays. I hope to be able to find meaningful thoughts and ideas, as I explore Firstenberg’s valuable lessons from“A History of Electricity and Life.”

First Thoughts

Firstenberg poses this important question: What was life like before electricity was discovered in about 1700? By the 1860’s the world was becoming wired by using the telegraph. In his Prologue, he indicates that “Anxiety did not exist before the 1860’s,” “diabetes was so rare”, and “heart disease at that time was the twenty-fifth most common illness, behind accidental drowning.”

I have written a series called Stress in our Country that I will post, in which I observed that people are distressed with multiple symptoms. Amazingly, these same symptoms tend to occur when some people are exposed to EMF. I was intrigued by an op-ed article written by Jeff Smith in theWashington Post on February17, which is linked here:

In this presentation, the Amish often base their technology usage and decisions on whether actions taken are for the greater good of the community. And,in the case of some business operations, they might not use the electrical grid, but still use locally-sourced electricity. By contrast, today many of us are so involved with our mobile phones that we don’t interact through speech and eye contact. We are certainly subjecting ourselves to additional daily stress.

Alan R. Vinitsky, MD


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